Explaining Giclee Prints.


What are Giclée prints??

Giclée prints are intended to be the highest quality ink jet prints available.

The term Giclée (pronounced "Zhee-clay") is French, meaning "sprayed on", and refers to fine art prints made on special professional printers using fade resistant UV inks on high quality archival papers or canvas. An array of more than 10 color cartridges is used to produce the subtle colors in paintings and photographs. 

In the Giclée process my original painting is scanned or photographed to create a high-resolution digital file. A proof print is made to compare with the original. After my approval, the image is then printed on high quality acid free watercolor paper or on canvas, as required. The size of the print can be adjusted to be either the exact size of the original or larger or smaller as requested.
The prints are amazingly accurate, indistinguishable from the original!