My Thoughts On Art


What is “ART” ?

How does one define a work of “ART”?
Many learned and often pretentious volumes have been written on the subject.
My definition is simple and direct:

“Art is any intentional creation that arouses ANY emotion in the observer except boredom!”

Notice that it must be intentional, not accidental. And it can arouse anger or even disgust ! More conventionally, art inspires admiration, respect or amazement.
Here are some examples that arouse my admiration.

Rembrandt drawings – just a few strokes of pen or brush serve to display portraits and landscapes conveying not just shapes but strong emotions.

Picasso drawings – I came across some drawings of
matadors & bulls in the art musem in Malaga, Spain. A few sparse &
incomplete black strokes on white paper evoke the matador in the
blinding white light of the open bull-ring. A whole host of visions
arise, bright sunlight, the cheering of crowds, Hemingway heroes, ….

• The most amazing art of all is found in the caves of Lascaux and Chauvet in France and Altamira and others in Spain. Some of these prehistoric paintings were made as much as 30,000 years ago! I have recently finished a long-standing wish to paint one of the great Aurochs Bulls depicted in the Lascaux caves showing it as it would have appeared to the ancient artist just after it was finished. (Look at "The Fourth Bull -- homage to Lascaux" in my Gallery.)
Get one of the artbooks showing these paintings and you will see what I mean by my definition!