NARI MISTRY— Nari painting in studio

A keen sense of observation has always inspired me to express my feelings and reactions to my surroundings through painting.

Landscapes in watercolors, acrylics, oils and a few pastel paintings make up much of my work. My paintings reflect my fascination with the theme of water in the natural landscape and I continue to paint a series of watercolors of the scenic beauty of Ithaca and surroundings. I try to use expressive bold colors to represent the subjects that inspire me. Even a scene of winter ice and snow can contain a touch of warm color in a few spots!

Some of my paintings are representational, most are expressive, some are more abstract, some are pure fantasy.

I learned watercolor techniques through practice and observation,
inspired especially by close examination of the watercolors of Winslow
Homer, John Singer Sargent and other great artists. Acrylics, oils and pastels were learned mainly by experience.

Although my work in watercolors & oils has been mainly representational in an expressionist style, I am turning to more abstract work in acrylics, experimenting in brilliant translucent color fields using pure pigments.